Custom Shirts

Measured by experienced Tailors. Designed by you. Crafted by Hand.

  • 15 Different Collars
  • 4 Pocket Styles
  • Placket/Pleat Options
  • 10 Monogram Styles
  • 9 Different Cuffs
  • The Right Fit

Meticulous, Quality Construction

Our luxurious custom shirts are all cut and sewn by hand. They feature single needle stitching throughout, high quality buttons, and allow for a myriad of options to allow for unique customization and personalization. Each shirt is cut to your exact measurements – our tailors work alongside you to get the fit down right and provide their style input if and where needed.

Create your own shirt

Make a statement with our hand-crafted shirts. Tailored to reflect your individuality, you'll be sure to set yourself apart and set forth a strong first impression at any occasion. Personalize your shirts with varying collar/cuff combinations, finished with accented button holes and monograms.


We possess fabrics from some of the most world renowned high-end mills including the likes of Thomas Mason, Albini, Canclini and Tessitura Monti. With over 4,000+ fabrics, we’re sure you’ll find a design that won’t leave you looking like everyone else in the room.

Pricing: Custom shirts ranging from $69 to $265. Fabric is the only variable effecting price.

OUR most popular swatches

Based on our prior calendar year sales metrics, we’ve identified the most popular shirt swatches among our valued clients. Browse through the swatches on the left to see which fabrics made the final cut.

  • Ocean Blue
  • Cream
  • Pink Ox Stripe
  • Maroon Blue Gingham
  • Blue White Check
  • Violet
  • Checker
  • Coral
  • Soft Pink Blue
  • Steel Blue
  • Navy Glen Plaid
  • Black


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