At M. Kenny's, fashion meets sophistication, building a flawless look for every woman who has ever struggled in the search for the perfect outfit. Since each exquisite style is customized to meet our customer's individual preferences, each woman is presented with a wide variety of options. Classic outfits can be altered to add a hint of elegance or to bring about new and fresh looks, unlike anything that can be found in department stores. With our exceptional offers, the experience of such personal and detailed customization can only be found at M. Kenny's.

Available Features

  • Bring us your favorite article of clothing we will do our best to replicate the fit.
  • Choose from single/double breasted in 2 or 3 button styles.
  • All jackets are fully lined, lightly shoulder padded with straight or slant pockets.
  • Pants may be pleated or non pleated with choice of pockets.
  • Skirts: Choose from 6 different styles with customized features.
  • Shirts: Choose from 12 different collar and monogram styles.

Price Range

  • Varies

How to Order