Personalize your wardrobe with M. Kenny’s. A well-fitted custom suit or shirt not only provides for a great first impression but also serves an extension of your individuality. Create your custom look now.

  • Scissors

    with an M. Kenny’s Master Tailor

  • Scale

    Measurement Consultation

    You can’t possibly measure yourself or have your friend/wife/brother measure you. Our professionals will begin with a personalized measurement consultation consisting of a 28 Point fit profile to ensure a perfect and precise fit. Each of our representatives possess well over 20 years of experience thus providing for a much more knowledgeable approach.

  • Custom Suit

    Create and customize your look

    Not only will we establish the perfect fit but we will work to help you create your own personalized look. Fine details such as contrasting button holes, monograms and collar/cuff styles can provide for a distinguished and unique look.

  • Measurement

    Hand-Made Bespoke Construction

    Fit profiles and fabric styles/selections are immediately sent over to our expert team in Hong Kong to complete the custom creation process. Like our representatives, our tailors also possess several years of experience that allow for a perfect finishing.

  • Custom Shirts

    Custom Made Suit

    6-8 weeks
    for delivery