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At M. Kenny’s, fashion meets sophistication, where building a flawless look is no longer seen as a task but as an experience. Well over thirty years ago, M. Kenny set out to fill a void for individuals seeking quality custom clothing at a price comparable to department stores. Throughout his journey as a custom specialist, his expertise has not only answered to every customer’s needs, but also took them above and beyond and brought them to a new level of perfection. With thousands of fabrics to choose from, M. Kenny’s team of experts modernizes current day fashions, creating a personalized yet refined look.

Our unparalleled level of customer service has been utilized by industry professionals, such as doctors, investment bankers, politicians, consultants, attorneys and much more. These dedicated clients continue to return to us with their colleagues, friends and family to share the one-of-a-kind custom clothing experience that is exclusively found at M. Kenny’s. The fashion coordinators at our firm will work alongside you to create a flawless style by providing you with every tie, belt, cuff link, or whatever else you may need to get that extra edge in your look. With years of experience under their belts, our team of professionals takes over 28 precise measurements to send to our master tailors in Hong Kong. The experts cut each suit individually to ensure a perfect fit.

M. Kenny’s offers an inimitable amount of selections for jackets, suits, shirts, slacks, and more for both men and women. The specialized clothing is certain to leave the lasting impressions necessary for life events such as interviews, weddings, corporate meetings, and other milestones. Embark upon the journey of a fashionable transformation, with M. Kenny’s leading the way.

Wherever your life may take you, M. Kenny’s will always be there beside you, ready to lend a helping hand in updating your wardrobe to match your ever-changing personal sense of style.

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